CEMENT TILE – Concrete tiles from FES – Morocco

CEMENT TILE – Concrete tiles from FES – Morocco

  Moroccan cement tiles 

Cement Tiles

The Cement tiles have been around for a couple of hundred years because they’re beautiful and long-lasting. Here are some beautiful designs we’ve seen on our travels. See something you like? you can send us a message to talk about having a custom pattern made! #cementtile #concretetile #encaustictile


Moroccan Cement Tiles

The cement tile is a decorative pavement elaborated by craftsmen, appreciated for the richness of its colors, its patina and the personalization of its patterns. Our factory offers a vast collection of contemporary cement tiles, as well as thousands of traditional designs, all customizable with your choice.

Moroccan cement tiles manufacturing process involves high-quality clay, water, dyes, hammers and powerful hands to control and form the tiles. Before being baked during a special oven, they are set within the sun to dry. Templates are used not just for determining the form and style , but also for cutting.

Why Choose Our Cement Tile?

Traditional Moroccan tile is formed with clays and glazes and is fired in an oven. While this method is time-honored, it does not produce the toughest wearing tile. Moroccan cement tile, on the opposite hand, is formed with a combination of cement, powdered marble and pigments to make a design that is built into the tile itself. They are much less likely to chip, stain or fade in comparison to ceramic tile. Cement tile will help to preserve the sweetness of the Moroccan style and stand the test of your time in your home or business.
The other wonderful advantage of cement tile is that it’s completely customizable. Once you discover a design or pattern you’re keen on , or a mixture thereof, you’ll make it your own. Choose or maybe create an unexpected color and are available up together with your own custom pattern that’s inspired by the sweetness of traditional Moroccan mosaic tile.

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