Cement Tiles

Cement Tiles

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The earliest recorded appearances of concrete tiles area unit around 711 in Moorish Kingdom of Spain. These tiles were created employing a mixture of sand, ground clay and vibrant pigments and featured ornate styles and complicated patterns. These were wont to lavishly enhance places of worship and public buildings like bathhouses and courtyards of the wealthy and powerful.

In the late nineteenth century, cement tiles were once more created well-liked in Southern France within the amount between 1855-1875. though in those days, they were popularly known as paint cement tiles, they were similar in use and application as our modern cement tiles. solely many decades later, cement tiles reemerged in Kingdom of Spain and had a significant influence on the art and design of the Art Noveau movement.

The twentieth century saw cement tiles become even additional rife, as buildings, homes, public places and personal enclaves used all across Europe and also the Mideast. In several respects, the art of cement tile-making possible had its foundations throughout that amount, primarily as a result of monetary constraints: it had been too pricey to form them identical method that clay bricks were designed – through wood or coal unemployed kilns. Instead, the cement tile makers of time dried their creations within the heat of the sun, and so allow them to simmer below serious weights.

Today, cement tiles area unit omnipresent – you can’t escape them notwithstanding wherever you go. they’re seen in loos and kitchens. they’re used outside homes and within offices. Floors and walls area unit designed mistreatment cement tiles. And there’s no limit to the power of the styles and patterns during which cement tiles are often created.


Here at Artzelligewe have a tendency to pride ourselves on our workmanship and dedication to providing our customers with solely the highest-quality tile. Our cement tiles area unit fondly handcrafted to high standards, and also the men behind those tiles area unit a number of the best tilemakers within the business. they’re  artisans with decades of expertise.

There’s no “secret sauce” or “hidden recipe” employed in our cement tiles. Like several similar tiles of their sortwe have a tendency to use finely dehydrated ground Portland cement layer and a coarser layer of sand and cement because the base for our tiles, however this is often wherever “common ground” ends. From there on, it’s the power and ingenuity of our proficient tile manufacturers that takes over.

One tile at a time, these master artisans produce and infuse vivacious life into every of their creations. Hand ironed and chic, our tiles area unit created with careful attention to uniformity. not like ceramic or ceramic warethat have discernible batch to batch variation, our cement tiles can seamlessly mix in – notwithstanding that batch you use!

Cement tile is that the good thanks to elevate your area, adding a way of history, artistry, and tradition to your home or geographical point. It’s what makes artzellige and our artisans therefore happy with our offerings. If you wish see our cement tile please don’t hesitate to order a sample today.

So, if you wish a lot of info regarding our exquisite merchandisebe at liberty to contact US. Our specialists are going to be happy to exchange concepts with you on however you’ll be able to create your dream area a reality with a range of our handcrafted cement tiles!