How Moroccan tiles are made || First Step

How Moroccan tiles are made || First Step

How Artzellige make pure Moroccan Tiles ||Moroccan zellige || Zelliges 


In this article we will explain how we proceed in the first step of making zellige.

From hard clay to the beautiful colored tiles, Artzellige present the handmade ancestral traditions followed by our factory in Fes.

After finding a good quality of clay which is very extremely important to produce a top quality Moroccan tiles. The region of Fes has one of the best quality clays in Morocco.

As many know the main product of making tiles is Clay and to have a clear zellige, the first thing we do is filtering it by a vibration machine, with it we obtain only the good clay, without any Impurities in order to get in the final step a perfect zellige.

Therefor the clay is soaked in water by the hand of artisans until it reaches a soft texture, this phase is important, if the clay is so hard it will not allow to create a clean and pure zellige, same thing if we have the opposite, if the clay is so wet the tile will never be as perfect as possible. Once the clay is soft enough to handle it is filtered by hand.

The step after filtering and soaking zellige is putting it by the hand of skilled artisans in wooden frames under the sun to dry out, drying takes between 2 weeks till a month, it depends about the weather.

The steps that you have red until now is just the first step of making zellige, the video in the top explain this step properly.

Artzellige is explaining and showing this step in order to explain to our clients that we have and we provide the best zellige in morocco.

Feel free to contact us to ask about anything you want we are here to answer all your questions.

You can read more about our tiles in the previous articles further we will explain the other steps of making zellige in the next articles, all this to clarify that we make and we provide the Moroccan tiles with the best quality.

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