Moroccan Mosaic Tiles

Moroccan Mosaic Tiles

Moroccan Mosaic Tile


Artzellige present you Moroccan mosaic zellige, a traditional craft, which is learned from generation to generation. In the first place the origins of Mosaic tiles is from Islamic culture, which is one of the main characteristics of the Moroccan architecture art.

Artzellige welcome you to discover the Moroccan mosaic tiles that dates back to a very long time, at first it was simple and with only two colors, white & brown, but with time it contained all colors and shapes.

The beauty of the Moroccan Mosaic tile can be exposed on water fountains, interior walls, kitchens, bathrooms as well as mosques, usually to show wealth and finesse.

To make mosaic tiles it requires skilled artisans, starting with Moroccan mosaic by choosing the design and where it should be placed.

First, it needs to add the number of the pieces that need to be cut into all the multiple shapes; then colored by locally made colors, after that the mosaic tiles are handed to the next artisans that gather them in order to create the wanted design. Clued by cement, and the mosaic is ready to be placed in its place.

The Moroccan mosaic tile has a big historical and old background, and it exists at almost every traditional Moroccan house, with different shapes and sizes, it gives beauty to a plain space, and it adds a special touch to the interior design.

These amazing pieces of Moroccan mosaic tile are very beneficial besides being a captivating art; they keep the house cool during the summer.

This charming art of making Moroccan mosaic tiles is well known to be made in Fes city as well as Meknes city and other places in Morocco, but the main factories are located in Fes.

Artzellige invite you to discover our list of shapes and color of the Moroccan mosaic tiles, be our guest and contact us for anything you want, we are here to make for you the best zellige ever.