Second step of making pure Moroccan tiles

Second step of making pure Moroccan tiles

Second step of making Moroccan Tiles ||Moroccan zellige || Zelliges 


In the previous article we spoke about how Artzellige choose and filter the clay which is the main source of making tile, we stopped at the part where the craftsmen put the soaked clay under the sun for a period between two weeks to 1 month in order to dry.

Once the clay dried, we name it tile, this tiles are then placed into natural wood fired kilns where the temperature is above 200 degree, and Artzellige use always a traditional Moroccan kiln where the heat circulates irregularly the tile allowing it to have different tones when dried perfectly, which makes each tile unique.

There are three specific kind of craftsman that are used at this point to achieve the best zellige tiles.

The first one take the dried zellige and flat it by hand using a special tool that allows to eliminate gaze bubbles and gives it the perfect shape flat and rigid.

Secondly this flat and perfect tiles are then given to a second craftsman who carefully cuts it into the shape wanted using a medieval tool, this tool is always known as “Menkash”, this is the tool that gives to the tile it’s perfect shape.

The third part which is the most one happens next by the last craftsman who is most known as the master craftsman who is specializes in perfect cutting. The whole process results in a number of various types of tiles which are used to create the beautiful zellige, which you have come to know and love in your home at your kitchen or bathroom.

Artzellige is explaining and showing this steps in order to show to our clients that we have and we provide the best zellige (Moroccan Tiles) in morocco.

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