Third step of making pure Moroccan tiles

Third step of making pure Moroccan tiles

Third step of making Moroccan Tiles ||Moroccan zellige || Zellige


Artzellige is welcoming you in the third episode of making Tiles, in this article we will describe another step of making pure Moroccan tiles.

In the first article we spoke about how Artzellige choose and filter the clay which is the main source of making tile, we stopped at the part where the craftsmen put the soaked clay under the sun.

Secondly we presented you to the second step of making zellige, in the previous step we showed you the steps that we follow to eliminate gaze from the tiles further we presented how after cutting we put the clay to dry.

In this article we will present you the third step of making zellige which is generally cutting into wanted shapes.

After filtering the clay a skilled craftsmen compresses by hand the clay into square shapes. This part is extremely important because the clay must be solid with no air fizzes in it.

After the clay take the shape, model, it is kept and stored in a cool dry place to be readied for a first bake, in this step we have to wait for long time to get a pure tiles without no gaze.

After tiles are well dried another expert craftsmen applies the colors to the upper part of the tiles. Be conscious that today in Morocco many tile factories use paint guns to apply colors, Using spray guns provides the similar looking tiles and many more colors are available with a lower cost. The reason we don’t offer spray painted tiles is to ensure that the paint coating is dense and strong.

The tiles are now placed in the natural wood fired kilns, In traditional Moroccan kilns heat circulates I a temperature of 200 degree unevenly giving marginally different tones of colors to each tile. This defectiveness makes Moroccan tiles so unique and beautiful.

The end raw product is a 12 cm x 12 cm tiles with rough edges.
In the videos that we have in the articles we show you that we provide a 100% handmade tiles, artzellige factory use the same techniques as our ancestors to produce a pure Moroccan tiles .

Feel free to contact us to ask about anything you want we are here to answer all your questions, further you can order the tipe of zellige that you want.

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