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Company Moroccan Tiles
We Have 42 Years of Experience


Moroccan Tiles and Stone (Art Zellige) is an industrial company specialized in Zellige, Cement tile and Stone production, the founders are handcraft men who inherited this art from father to son for centuries, since the ALMohades Era where this industry was introduced to Morocco from Andalusia (Spain). All our products are made using the unique clay which is known as the best resistant material for clay products from the region of Fez city.


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Less impact on the environment .

ABOUT our company

Moroccan zellige

Moroccan Tiles and Stones were founded in the late 1978’s. They are specialized in the manufacture of zellige, cement tiles, and various surfaces, exclusively handmade.<br /> Our craftsmen constantly develop new collections adapted to the needs of their clients, whether private or professional. Moroccan Tile and Stone has become a reference for zellige, cement tiles, and natural stones. Zellige making is considered an art, the art is transmitted from generation to generation by master craftsmen.

Our steps

STEP : 1

After grinding and washing the clay to remove impurities, the skilled craftsmen put the tab in wooden frames to dry.

STEP : 2

The clay is flattened by hand: “To eliminate gas bubbles and make their shape flat and rigid”. Then they cut the manual paw in square form, hexagon, rectangle, octagon or other forms according to customers' requests.

STEP : 3

The clay tiles are dried in the sun in a natural way, then reach 10% of vaporization of the body of water.

STEP : 4

A skilled worker applies the colors to the top of the dry tiles. “They don’t use spray guns because we lose the traditional look of colors”.

STEP : 5

The colored tiles are placed in a triangle shape in a natural wood oven. The heat circulates unevenly respecting the order of the temperatures from bottom to top (White-cloud then the turquoise then the Blue then the Black and in the end the Dark Green color). This algorithm gives each tile slightly different colors from neighboring tiles.

STEP : 6

Some colors like Snow-white and Dark Gray require shielding in a gas oven because they are very fragile to the traditional fumes and to the variations of the temperatures.

STEP : 7

The craftsmen is manual drawing on the brut Zellige 11cmX11cm, one by one the cut pattern. This extraordinary opportunitie, allow us to draw any pattern.

STEP : 8

After tracing, the manual cutting of the patterns one by one .

STEP : 9

Zellige tiles are rough and have unequal edges that’s why qualified operators switch to manual cutting with a hammer (MENKACHE); tiles in 10cm X 10cm, 05cm X 05cm or other shapes according to the order in progress, This extraordinary works, allow us to draw any pattern.

STEP : 10

The most delicate operation is when the “man-tiler” who is qualified in Zellige places the cut pieces according to the geometric architecture.

STEP : 11

The enameled face of the tiles is placed in contact with the ground and the back of the tiles at the top then they are set on a special mortar to dry and after it dries we remove the panels to have the shape of Moroccan Mosaic Tiles.

STEP : 12

Samples in Zellige 05cm X 05cm Mosaic on fiberglass nets (Mosaic flexible), in our Showroom.

STEP : 13

The final results are all objects of art, these different types of shaped pieces that will be assembled to create the patterns in zellige. (Mosaic Rigid Panels).

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